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El Bosc is a project of respectful accompaniment for children from 6 months to 6 years. A playing space where children are the protagonists and the educators lovingly accompany their growth.

Why these ages?

We think that the early stages of childhood are what forge the people of the future. It is the root of everything and therefore, the most important stage, the one that needs to receive more attention and respect.

El Bosc does not focus just on a pedagogical system, but it adopts different strategies and mixes the different options to give a response to the specific needs of the children.

We want to take care of the future of our children by giving them the education that allows them to develop all their capacities and potential.
We do not educate for the present, but for the future. We do not want to teach how they have to be, but put the means and resources in place to develop themselves the way they are.

El Bosc is an entity associated to the following institutions:
– ALPIC (Family Support Center)
– INSTITUTO VOZ Y MOVIMIENTO (Tamara Chubarovsky’s Learning, Communication and Language Support Institute)